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Monday, 21 July 2014

Night Photography with Sony RX100 III

Last Saturday, 17th July 2014, Sony has again organised another workshop for us to have a feel of using the new prosumer compact camera for night photography. It is non other than the RX100 III. The time was so chosen that we could see the high-ISO performance of this large-image-sensor compact camera (1").

I took a series of photos at the base ISO 80 and also at remarkably high ISO 1600. The full-size images at the base ISO setting were very 'clean' having hardly any visible noise. At ISO 1600, there was some detail loss due to the noise-reduction process with acceptable noise, therefore the images at this high ISO are still quite usable.

When the images are reduced to the size I am posting up here, you can hardly see the difference between the images. The colour rendering and the dynamic range are also quite impressive for a camera that fits into the chest pocket of a shirt.

ISO 80

ISO 1600

ISO 80

ISO 1600

ISO 80

ISO 1600

So what's the verdict? I would say that this is the camera to go for if you are looking for a compact zoom that you can carry with you everyday. It is also a good backup camera for your DSLR system during travelling, as the camera offers full manual settings and customisation of buttons that you will need as a professional or enthusiast.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Salzburg Cathedral

The Salzburg Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral built in the 17th century in Baroque style. The cathedral is dedicated to the two saints, St. Rupert and St. Vergilius. It is within walking distance from the old street of Salzburg (Getreidegasse).

The main facade of the cathedral is a typical symmetrical arrangement with two towers flanking the main entrance.


The interior is a typical nave-and-aisle setting leading to the altar beyond the main dome. Again, everything was built to be symmetrical.


Lining along both side aisles are chapels with paintings based on the bible stories.



The main dome has an octagonal cross section with eight windows drawing in natural light to lit the interior of the cathedral.




A cathedral is not complete with a pipe organ. Therefore, there are organ-pipe panels on the walls beneath the main dome.


It is a beautiful cathedral not to be missed for any visitor to Salzburg. Furthermore, it is situated in the heart of the old town, so there is no excuse to miss it in your travel itinerary.

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