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Monday, 14 April 2008

Science and Nature

I am always fascinated by the laws of nature and science and how they are so closely related, so I went to see what was on offer at the National Museum of Nature and Science after the Hanami at Ueno Koen.

Without knowing much about this Theater 360, I just joined the crowd to enter this sphere in orange colour. It turned out to be a cool experience of viewing things and scene in 360 degrees! The whole inner wall of the sphere is the screen, and I felt like floating in the air when the show was on.

One of the oldest computers was on display to let us know how technology really advances so fast that a machine that used to fill an entire room was shrink down to a palm-size gadget of today, which is probably thousands of time more powerful.

Japan has also entered the era of space exploration a few decades ago with their own rocket science.

Some of the exhibits are not for your eyes only, a lot of kids can learn about the principles behind all the machines that we use everyday, hands on.

Teaching the kids about scientific principles and theories are much more effective through games they play. A trip to the museum is worth more than hours of classroom teaching.

This is the star of the Jurassic Park movies. Can we really turn it to life one day?

These are our ancestors. We have changed through evolution. Are we changing for the better or for the worse through evolution?

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