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Monday 17 December 2007

The Top 10 Billboard

I have been suffering from food poisoning for the weekend, and I'm still recovering from it. It is really no fun! Imagine the number of times that I had to wake up to rush to the toilet! I wasn't sleeping for the whole night just for that until I could see the doctor the next day.

Well, the doctor's advice is not to take any oily food for the next few days, and in fact I have no appetite to take in much food anyway.

In the circumstances of being sick, normally we resolve to taking in food that is easy to swallow, especially food cooked in soup. This is one place I would recommend to anyone looking for food for a sick person, or someone who's just looking for food with very little oil.

This is what I mean by Top 10.

And this is the Billboard.

This is my order, a bowl of vermicelli in soup.

I got three big fish balls.

Two slices of the fish bladder.

And three slices of fish paste.

The soup is very clear and refreshing with the taste of freshness of the fish. The one slice of tomato makes the soup to taste a bit sour and appetising. It is a really good meal if you want something light and less burden to your stomach.

1 comment:

Greg Wee said...

Hey CK. Hope you got better already! What did you eat?

You got me there. I REALLY thought you were going to do a billboard review! HAHAHAHA That was funny!

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