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Friday 11 April 2008

One Evening at the Ameyoko Arcade

The Ameyoko Arcade is a stretch of street with shops connecting the Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station. The street is lined with small shops and stalls selling things from food to clothing. This arcade is an alternative to the big shopping malls in Tokyo for keen shoppers and sight-seers alike.

There are also cut fish fillet fillets on sale for those who want to make their own sashimi.

The Japanese snacks look so yummy. I saw them selling these in bundles at a bargain near closing time.

All the shopkeepers have very big lungs. They didn't stop shouting out to lure shoppers to their stalls.

There are also side streets with shops selling more up-market goods.

I was really fascinated by this automatic pastry making machine! No hand is involved.

The end results are pastry with even size and also evenly baked.

When is was dinner time, I started to look for a place for a nice meal. The menu of this restaurant attracted my attention. The items are very beautifully presented and the price is reasonable.

This was what I have got after ordering the "Rice with Three Flavours of Hokkaido."

When I was walking back to the Ueno Station, I saw this swift old man making some traditional pastry. He had never misplaced the paste or spilled any drop of it outside the mould.

They were all ready within less than 3 minutes.

And I bought some back to sample the taste. They were actually pastry made from eggs and milk. Quite a good snack item to have in Japan.


Anonymous said...

evil evil evil evil evil ck...
no, evil japanese!!

everything look so mouth watering.. did u by any chance buy the fresh fish cutlet from the market? i heard that it is as fresh as able to 'melt' on ur tongue...

i wanna go to japan!! lol :)

CK Ng said...

No, I didn't buy the fresh fish cutlet as I was just roaming around. I'll try the fresh fish cutlet when I'm at Tsukiji Fish Market on another day. :)

Greg Wee said...

This place has many shops selling food. We enjoyed so much of this street and the food there. there have many of the chirashi style sushi with fresh fish ontop of rice and the conveyor belt style sushi.

CK Ng said...

Yeap! The bowl of rice I had was topped with fresh salmon slices, salmon roe and crab meat. Oishi desu!

S-V-H said... made me so hungry and mouth watery of every one. Nice post CK!

CK Ng said...

Thanks for dropping by, Susanne. :)

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