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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Going Up North

By the time you are reading this, I should have boarded the Shinkansen Hayate 1 bound for Hachinohe. From Hachinohe, I'll catch the connecting train Super Hakucho 1 Limited Express heading to Hakodate, and then catch the Hokuto 11 Limited Express from here to Sapporo. The total journey will take me about 10 hours. I should be arriving at Sapporo at 16:58, local Japan time.


I will stay in Sapporo for 5 days to explore this 5th largest city of Japan, and the largest in Hokkaido. From what I have read, Sapporo should be a very nice and easy city to explore with the grid city layout. I'm really looking forward to my stay in Sapporo.

I'll be returning to Saitama University on September 12th and continue to be here until September 30th before I return to Malaysia.


I have put up some scheduled post up on my blog so that you can continue reading new stuff while I am away. Thanks for dropping by. :)


marlene said...

wow... very soon.. 6 months.... gone....

CK-II said...

marlene:> Ya, how time flies! Six months was just at a snap of fingers. It was already 4 months ago when I met you in Tokyo. :)

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