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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Twenty Five Years of Friendship

I met up with my friends whom I know for twenty five years the other day and I took this opportunity to photograph them. There is this wonderful feelings that they never grow old since the day I met them.

They still can be as naughty as the time when we were in the classroom together.

When Ah Beth asked me: "How do I look in the photo?" It took me only a second to answer: "A caring mother!"

I knew from her facial expression that she was not pleased by my answer, but that was my thought after seeing her through my lens.

Well, at least she is a caring mother to a lovely daughter!

Sarah is a self-acclaimed babe, but I always like to tease her that she is an old babe! But honestly, she is as beautiful as twenty five years ago.

She even wanted a car babe shot, so I did this for her.

It was not an easy task finding the good angles as she was very demanding, wanting me to make her look at least ten years younger!

I told her jokingly that I need to do very heavy post processing work for that, but I didn't.

When I put Ah Beth and Sarah together, they became such natural posers.

Susan on the other hand was a bit timid, so I only took one shot of her.

All three of them were the Charlie's Angels in our class twenty five years ago. I wonder whether Charlie is going to recruit them back or not.

After twenty five years, I can still talk to them like when we were in the classroom together. I think it is going to be the same for another round or two of twenty five years. I really treasure their friendship.


Shoshana said...

It's always nice to have friends.

They're beautiful ladies...and you take good no, great pictures.


haan said...

good post, i bet ur friends will love it very very much!

Tink *~*~* said...

It's wonderful to have old, true friends like that. They are like family, you cannot get rid of them even if you try LOL I can see that you took these photos with a lot of love.

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Ruey said...

This is nice post CK, thanks for sharing. It made me think of my bunch of friends who have been with me since primary/sec school days. At least 15+ years of friendship there.:-) I hope that we're still like you and your circle of friends in years to come.:)

Marlene Lo said...

very SUI photos! These 3 looks better than those jap pic you took leh.. :p

CK Ng said...

Shosana & haan:> Thanks. :) They are my best female friends. In fact most of my best friends are female.

Tink:> It's not me who can't get rid of them. It's them who can't get rid of me! LOL! :D

Ruey:> It's time you contacted you 'old' friends and meet them up more often.

Marlene:> You mean they look better then Japanese gals? No way! Haha! :D

Mozi Esme said...

Beautiful story of friendship from a camera's perspective!

Anonymous said...

25 years friendship not a short time...hope it will going to be continur to next next 25 years...:)

Anonymous said...

They do not look old enough to be classmates from 25 years ago! Maybe preschool or kindergarten classmates?

Anonymous said...

We know CK-II in secondary school. A long journey of 25 years. :)

Sarah ~

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