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Friday 10 April 2009

Kamakura: Daibutsu

The Kamakura Daibutsu (The Great Buddha) is one of the national treasures of Japan. It used to be a bronze statue in the Kotoku-in Temple completed in 1252. The temple building was washed away by a tsunami in 1495 and the Amida Buddha has been sitting in the open air since then.



Sitting at a height of 13.35m, it is the second largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan. The largest is the one in Todaiji of Nara.




Although its stature is not as high as the one in Nara, it is always regarded as having better craftsmanship than its peer in Nara.




Visitors are allowed to enter the hollow core of the statue by paying a small token to the donation box at the entrance.


Daibutsu is also a site not to be missed by school children on an educational tour to Kamakura.



Ah Tee' said...

Ah Heer!
You have set your post with very high contrast, I mean this post comparing to the previous post!

Hehe!! (^0^)(")

CK Ng said...

Don't be naughty, Ah Tee'! *holding a cane in my hand* :D

Mojo said...

Definitely looks like a must-see on any trip to that part of the world. There's something very symbolic about the building being destroyed, but the statue remaining serenely undisturbed. Fascinating story.

Okay, now I gotta get to the next post down. Sounds like it's my kinda thing from the conversation above.

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