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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Friends Forever

Today is my birthday, and I should be in London at this moment.

Knowing that I am away from home on my birthday, a bunch of friends celebrated my birthday earlier on 3rd June 2009. Thanks very much guys and gals! See you back in Kuching again. :)


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Happy Birthday Sifu! Enjoy your holiday!

BerN said...

Happy Belated BDay Dr. :)

KC Foo said...


Happy Birthday !

Kian Chai

Anonymous said...

Dear CK,

Another day, Another milestone
Dreams, desires, goals, plans, objectives, missions & visions;
Many more to go, many more to chase after, many more to search & reach & many more to crystalise and materialise;

Not to forget while planning for future; keep living out this moment;
Stay aware that while counting what haven't have gotten; keep the tally on what you have;
Awake enough while whining what good & lucky events don't comeby like others; count blessing for the things that happened in your life;
Clear enough mind to know while in the most ferocious, challenging, trying tough thunder storm... the sun will reappear behind the dark cloud AND most of all... remember: you are alive.
This day marks another milestone of existence,
and just would like to grab this opportunity...
allow me to send over a nothing too fancy... but few words wishes:


May abundance of health, love, happiness shower over you with soaring high and far future undertaking which bear tonnes of fruits & rewards & wealth.

Also, huge thanks to you for sharing those magnificent, breath taking photos. It is my honour and pleasure to have the opportunity to admire those see the world thru your lenses. :-)

Lastly, wonderful trip ahead & safe + smooth journey.

Best regards... mag

Greg and Nee said...

not sure if you are online, so only write now. but heay have a splash of time in London.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your time in London.

CK Ng said...

Thanks very much guys and gals! :) I've arrived home safely last night.

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