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Monday, 13 July 2009

How a Bird Sees Paris

There are two ways of going up to the Eiffel Tower, by the staircase or by the lift. I chose the latter, with a higher ticket price of €13 but I could get to the highest viewing platform at the sommet.

The panoramic view of Paris from atop Eiffel Tower is really spectacular, but somehow something is missing... the Eiffel Tower!


Ah Tee' said...

Hey, Ah Heer! A great trip again!!
Very Beautiful, indeed.
I just wonder, if there is no lift to climb up... what would you write either "How a Bird Sees Paris" or "How a Frog Sees Paris"

Ruey said...

Did you send a postcard from the post office? ;)

MommyWizdom said...

Beautiful! I hope I can go there one day and see it in person!


CK Ng said...

Ah Tee':> That's why I decided to take the elevator. Haha!

Ruey:> I didn't. In fact I don't know where the post office is also. I didn't see any along my way.

MommyWizdom:> Thanks. I am sure you'll make it there one day.

Ruey said...

Oh! The post office is the same as the souvenir shop on the 1st floor. :)

CK Ng said...

OIC... I guess I was too busy shooting pictures until I totally forgot about the souvenir shop! :D

Unknown said...

beautiful views! hope to go there someday soon :)

Allvira said...

Soon!!!I'll be the one visit here. You have nice collection of pictures. Its my dream to visit Paris & also see the Eiffel Tower.
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CK Ng said...

Hi QuaChee & Allvira, thanks for your kind compliments. I hope both of you are gonna make it there one day. :)

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