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Tuesday 3 November 2009

Shopping in a Palace

Can you imagine a shopping centre that looks like a palace? How do you feel if you can shop like a member of a royal family in your own palace? You can find all the answers at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

The giant transparent dome is deliberately decorated with tinted glass. With the sunlight coming through, a beautiful pattern comes into place.

The arches supporting the main dome are also painted in Baroque style, and the balconies look like the box seats of a grand theatre. However, when you look on to the floor, it is not different from any other shopping centre selling branded stuff.

Galeries Lafayette occupies two buildings linked by a footbridge across the road. I entered the building without the dome first and was searching for the dome high and low. It was after almost half an hour that I realised I was searching for it at the wrong place.

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