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Friday 19 February 2010

Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is probably the biggest contribution of the British to the culinary world. Therefore, it is uncommon if you can't find 'Fish & Chips' in the menu of the bars and bistros around London.

I came across 'The Albert' when I was strolling the streets of London. It was just the right time for lunch, so I walked right in. I didn't realise that this is a more-than-a-hundred-year-old restaurant until I read the menu! The Victorian windows at the bar on the ground floor are actually hand cut.

The ground-floor bar is already cozy enough for simple dining, so I didn't go upstairs to the Victorian Dining Room.

It was written on the blackboard that the restaurant is famous for the hand-battered fish and chips, so I ordered one. The presentation was good, so as the taste.


Anonymous said...

I loved to be at the Westminster Abbey. Great place with a great impression of London. My stay was in a luxury boutique hotel ! Nice review, hope to see more!

John Smith

dt said...

aaah, really miss the fish and chips there...

CK Ng said...

Yea, the fish and chips in London and Edinburgh were much more nicer than our local variant.

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