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Saturday 10 July 2010

Salisbury Cathedral

One thing that cannot be missed while visiting Salisbury is to pay a visit to the Salisbury Cathedral. It should be considered as the most important Landmark of Salisbury.

The spire of the cathedral that reaches a soaring height of 123 metres cannot be missed from any point of this medieval city.

At the time of my visit, there was an afternoon mass going on. However, visitors were still allowed to visit the cathedral but with the lowest noise possible.

There is a cross-shape pool right after the main entrance that gives very interesting reflection of the main altar.

There are also many stained-glass windows with very beautiful paintings depicting the stories in the bible.

The cross-shape pool gives out reflections of these stained-glass windows too.

I went on to visit the Close with all the schools, museums and historic houses. The Close is very tranquil and spacious, surrounding a beautiful cloister garden.

The timing was just right that after I had walked one round around the Close, it was already closing time. So, it was also time for me to make my way back to London.


Philippine Travel Guide said...

nice set of pics I specially like the 3rd pic where in you got the interior of salisbury cathedral.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. Its like i had visited the place through your lens.Love your foto.

CK Ng said...

Philipine Travel Guide & Ah Mei:> Thanks for visiting and the kind compliments. :)

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