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Saturday 4 September 2010

Cambridge: Punting at the Backs

The Backs at Cambridge refers to the open space with bushes at the back of the colleges. In fact, most of the colleges were by the River Cam that separates the buildings from the nature. That what makes in interesting taking a flat-bottom boat cruising along River Cam, which is called 'punting'.

I did not go on board for a punt myself, I just walked around seeing other people enjoying themselves on board, whilst I was enjoying myself taking photos of them.

Other than punting, looking and admiring the college buildings can be something interesting to do also. Most of the back of the buildings can be seen from her across the river, that is probably the reason that this part of Cambridge is called the Backs.

This is the King's College Chapel from the Backs, but it is the front view of the chapel. It is the front facing the Backs.

The Backs is a nice place for a slow stroll after lunch. I guess it is also a great place for the students do do their studies or just taking a break.

When two parts of the land are separated by a river, bridges are the essential elements for connecting them back again. There is no exception at Cambridge. There are plenty of them spanning across River Cam. When there are combined, it is Cambridge.

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