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Sunday 10 October 2010

Sunset over Harbour Bridge

I like to take sunset landscape pictures as the evening time is the golden hour for photography. Therefore, I spent my first evening in Sydney snapping pictures of the Harbour Bridge.

Looking at the sunset is also one of the things that I enjoy most in life. Some may say that sunset is beautiful but unfortunately it is just too momentarily and near the end of the day. As for me, a short but beautiful moment is something which we should cherish in life.

Today is the perfect-10 day in every one hundred years, so I purposely time my blog post to appear at 10:10 p.m. Although it is just another day in a year, the 10-10-10 figure seldom appear twice in one's lifetime.


Cheerful said...

lovely shots! i love sunset...:)

Landy said...

Sydney has the same blue sky like New Zealand!!!Great picture mate!

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