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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Chocolate & Cookies

I have been too busy to update my blog lately. In fact I was busy without achieving anything, because I was annoyed by students' queries on their projects. I gave them 10 weeks to come out with the report but all of them cramped the work into the final week!

Well, if they use those kind of spirit in making chocolate and cookies, I wonder how messy will that be! Probably the description at the back of the package will be full of misspellings.

That's enough of my ranting, I guess! I hope I have students with better attitude in coming out with more presentable reports, like what the Japanese would pay attention to their packing of food.

I bought this pack of chocolate with cookies way back in May 2008 when I was in Japan. At that time, I was free from the annoyance of the students knocking at my door.

Food is definitely more enjoyable without any disturbance. I think that's why it tasted so good then.

I even brought quite a number of packs back to Malaysia to give to a better bunch of "students" who were learning photography from me.


db said...

i see COOKIES!!!!!!! hehehe. aw students will be students when it comes to assignment. hope they don stress you out too much. have a cookie :)

Ruey said...

i remember those chocs and cookies! they tasted divine.:)

haven't seen you in a long time, sifu. hope you remember to chillax from the students.

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