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Saturday 18 December 2010

Oxford: Carfax Tower

Carfax Tower was part of the 13th century Church of St. Martin. This medieval church has been demolished except for the Carfax Tower that we see today.

The tower is 23-metre high and there are 99 steps to climb on the spiral iron staircase before reaching the top. I paid £2.10 to climb on 21st June 2009. It may be slightly more expensive now. The prices in Europe are adjusted every year, I think, as it was shown as £2.00 on my then one-year-old Lonely Planet travel guide. It has been quite the same experience on my other Europe trips.

On top of the tower is a viewing platform offering the visitors the panoramic view of Oxford city. The impending four photos cover the 360º view from atop the tower.

The grandest college of Oxford; the Christ Church College, is certainly not out of sight from here. The details of the exterior of the magnificent Christ Church Cathedral and the top part of Tom Tower are clearly visible.

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