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Wednesday 13 July 2011

Fixing the Puzzle Pieces

Last Thursday, one of my best friends treated me for dinner at Puzzle, the restaurant attached to the latest 5-star Pullman Kuching Hotel. There was a Cambodian Cuisine Festival for the buffet but we opted it out due to 'body weight management'.

For starter we had a Salade de Saison. It was almost similar to a typical Caesar's salad but with different dressing. I prefer this dressing to Caesar's salad dressing.

Salade de Saison (RM16.80)

Salade de Saison came with diced capsicum, onion and bacon

The main course that we both wanted was not available on that evening due to the problem with the fridge. We were told that most of the fish fillets had turned bad, so we couldn't get our fish and chips served.

Alternatively, I ordered the Carne Tritata which is Puzzle's version of lasagna. I like the minced beef which was aged for 21 days as according to the menu. The pasta layers were too hard to my liking. I prefer softer pasta personally.

Carne Tritata (RM38.80)

My dining partner's alternative order was Puzzle 'Tai', which is grilled red snapper. This was quite nice as the fish steak was grilled to perfection.

Puzzle 'Tai' (RM35.80)

After the main courses, we wanted the Apple Crumble for dessert but was told that it wasn't available. We didn't get our first choice for the main course, and we missed our first choice of dessert too!

We then settled for the Brownies Cheese Cake which has nothing to shout about.

Brownies Cheese Cake (RM17.80)

Does the Brownies Cheese Cake look like a mouse to you?

Another thing to mention about Puzzle is the healthy drink series. We ordered the Avocado, Banana and Milk and the drink did not have a hint of avocado in it. For RM12.00 per glass, we expected something better. We commented on the drink to the waitress and she promised to convey this message to the bartender. I hope they will improve on it.

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Phil Younghusband said...

nice set of pics and it looks delicious

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