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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Charles Bridge: Life

Everyday, thousands of tourists swarm to Charles Bridge to have a piece of the oldest masonry bridge in the Eastern Europe. Therefore, the bridge turns into a bustling bazaar full of life since daybreak.

It is almost every tourist's ritual to walk across the bridge at least once on a visit to Prague. I walked across it many times. The cobble-stone pavement makes every walk feels like walking in the medieval time, even more so with the Tourist Information Centre staff walking to an fro on the bridge.

The bridge is also a good vantage point to observe other sights around Prague, especially the Prague Castle. It is also a good spot to do people watching.

A visit to Prague is never complete without a walk across Charles Bridge. Although it can get very busy during the peak tourist hour, it is filled with so much fun rubbing shoulders with people from all around the world. However, beware of pickpockets as they work day and night on the bridge.

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jessica @peekababy said...

wow, i could use a vacation!
check out my wordless wednesday

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