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Saturday, 28 January 2012

2012 Chinese New Year Goodies: Fruit

Today is already the 6th day of 2012 Chinese New Year, and I only can find some time to post up something that my family gobbled up for the past few days.

My brother who is residing in Singapore had always brought back tons of food during the CNY festive season, and this year was no exception. He brought back fresh lychees this year. They were very sweet and juicy with very tiny seeds. These were Australian produce.

Another type of fruit that my brother brought back was fresh cherries. I forgot to ask the country of origin, probably from Australia too. However, I have just finished gobbling up the last few cherries this afternoon.


reachpharmacy said...

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William said...

The cherries are definitely from the Southern Hemisphere as it is summer now. I never seem Australian grown lychee. All lychees here are imported and normally only available in Asian groceries.

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