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Monday 2 April 2012

Going Vegetarian in Český Krumlov

After tasting the vegetarian food in Prague, I was quite impressed with the vegetarian food in Czech Republic. So, when I was in Český Krumlov, I patronised another vegetarian Restaurant called Laibon.

This restaurant is hidden inside a small lane off the main street. It took me quite a while to locate it even with a map in hand.

The restaurant is set in a Bohemian atmosphere with vaulted ceiling and lit with candles, but I prefer to sit at the backyard which is just by the river.

With such a view by the river, it surely adds extra points to the dining experience. The waitress and the restaurant owner were also very polite and they were always smiling to me even while providing services to the other tables. The owner came to my table several times to utter some nice words when he was more free. Extra cookie points for that!

There were too many choices on the menu for me to decide on the main meal, so I ordered a pot Senchajo (Japanese green tea) to sip on while going through the menu in more detail. This place is surely a perfect place for tea.

After half pot of tea had gone, I was still undecided on my main meal. Something caught my eyes but I couldn't tell what was the Labyrinth of Tastes. After consulting the restaurant owner, I felt that that this item really suited me well, a combination of five of the daily house specialties.

When my meal was served, I knew that I didn't make the wrong choice. It came in a combination of Indian and Arabian selections, including couscous, which is one of my favourite food.

I cleared up the whole plate of food and this was one of my most satisfying meals in Czech Republic. Who needs meat when one is served with such delicious vegetarian food?

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