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Saturday 19 May 2012

Getting Carnivorous in Český Krumlov

Krčma v Šatlavské is a very prominent restaurant in Český Krumlov for meat eater. Some may call it a meat heaven.

The inside of the restaurant is a cellar which is dimly-lit by candles and the overhead floodlights. The flickering flame of the open fire pit also contributes to part of the lighting inside. All these really set a medieval mood for dinners.

When I visited the restaurant, I walked straight in and the waitress told me that all the tables were fully booked by a tour group. Before I walked away with disappointment, she friendlily told me that I could wait for a table at the patio which were also fully filled up. I saw a table which was almost done with their food and since I was the first in the queue, I decided to wait.

I was given a table within 15 minutes and I should considered myself lucky because when I just sat down, there were quite a number of disappointed diners walking away after asking for a table but to no avail. The queue was also starting to get longer for those who were willing to wait. A German couple joined my table since I was alone.

Without any hesitation, I scrolled through the menu and decided on my food for my dinner. The rest of the waiting time was just spent on sipping on my drink and smelling the fragrance of the charcoal grill.

Another 30 minutes later, my food was ready and served on a nice porcelain plate.

The portion was big. There were 18 fingers all together. The meat was stilled quite tender even it was grilled to well done. This was the second best grilled pork ribs that I have ever had. The best that I had was in South Africa.

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