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Monday 4 June 2012

Walking Along Gambir Street

I received a message yesterday from a friend again asking me to suggest a place to shoot photos for her photography class assignment. I suggested her to walk along Gambir Street, one of the oldest streets in Kuching.

She needed to complete her assignment with horizontal lines, diagonal lines, curves, light and shadows, triangular composition, frame within frame, colour contrast, movement, etc. So, I also practised some of these during my "photography expedition" along Gambir Street. See if you can spot all those in these photos to see if I have passed.


Ramble and Wander said...

I have never learned photography formally. I only learn from looking at, and observing, good photos either in papers or in books. Thanks for putting things into perspective here. Very much appreciated.

CK Ng said...

Me two. All my photography skills are learned from books. It is important to know different types of composition so that we can improve and at the end of the day, creating our own style.

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