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Wednesday 1 August 2012


Unadon (eel with rice) is a simple yet delicious Japanese meal. It is also widely available in high-end or chain restaurants alike. An unadon would cost around ¥3000 in a high-end restaurant whilst it is only around ¥800 in a chain restaurant. You pay more for the ambiance and also freshness of the eel.

The eel is normally grilled with a spread of teriyaki sauce. The salty and sweet sauce does not cover the taste of fish but uplifted it nicely.


This was a meal that I had at the shokudo (cafeteria) of Saitama University and it was around ¥1000 back in 2008.



ahlost said...

Waaaaahh.. now you made me wanna go Japanese restaurant.. just for this !!! Evil CK !!

CK Ng said...

Going to a Japanese restaurant is still not enough. You must have it in Japan! Haha!

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