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Saturday 8 September 2012

The DUN and the Blue Moon

It was the 31st of August, the National Day of Malaysia. I was expecting that there would be fireworks at the Kuching Waterfront but the blue moon proved me wrong. Therefore, I settled for photographing the DUN building again, because it seldom got fully lit up.

Being the only subject to photograph and the sky was getting darker and uninteresting, I almost wanted to start packing up and go home after taking this shot.

This was the time when the clouds started to give way to the blue moon. So, I stopped packing up and started to make the blue moon being part of my picture.

As the next blue moon won't appear until July 2015, I took a closeup moon face to commemorate this rare occasion.

That day was also the 15th day of the seventh month on the lunar calender, which was the 'Hungry Ghost Festival.' I was lucky to not notice any of them, but I saw many hungry people at the waterfront gobbling up Sarawak Keropok Lekor and hamburgers.

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