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Saturday 16 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Today is already the 7th day of Chinese New Year (CNY) and I still feel like it was only yesterday that CNY started. As a family tradition, we always have reunion dinner on CNY eve. We used to have steamboat at home but we have moved on to restaurant dinner since about ten years ago. This year we had out CNY eve dinner at a restaurant called Sin Lung Sheng Fu Tiao Qiang Restaurant (新龙盛佛跳墙大酒楼) which was new to me. All the dishes were quite good except that most of them were just lukewarm.


After the CNY eve dinner, my Dad called for all family members to my house for a family photo. As my 2nd brother's family was back in Kuching, so it was the best time for a family photo with all family members. I was obligingly the photographer.


My 2nd brother brought back some peach blossom branches from Singapore and there became the main CNY decor at my house. There were very few flowers blossoming but I still managed to capture some images of the better blossoms.




As I am still eligible to collect ang pao from my elder family members, they would not forget to give me ang pao so that I have good luck for the year of snake.


Similar to the previous years, my eldest sister-in-law baked the cakes and cookies for treating the guests visiting our house during CNY. Even though most of our usual guests have visited us already, there are still plenty of supply left.



The day before my 2nd brother's family left for Singapore, I went to tapao the best kolo mee in Kuching to have a feast of the local food. Surprisingly there was no price hike even though it was on the 2nd day of CNY. However, I waited for one hour for my turn to collect the kolo mee.


Last night, I was invited by one of my photography buddies for her CNY open house. We were the last group of people to leave as it was great time with good company until we had forgotten it was nearly midnight.


Tomorrow will be the last day of my CNY holidays and the coming Monday I will be full swing at work already!


Elaine said...

Gong Xi Fai Cai. My family also takes family photos every year! The layered Cakes look so delicious!

CK Ng said...

Thanks very much, Elaine. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too.

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