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Thursday 6 March 2014

The China Doll Who Cooked Seafood for Us

During our final night in Taiwan, our taxi driver cum tour guide brought us to Tamsui (淡水) for dinner. The restaurant that we went to has a humourous name, as it literally means "China Doll Sea View Restaurant" by direct translation.


Most of the sea produce are alive before they are sent to the kitchen. We were able to choose from all the food on display before the meal.



The clams were very fresh as they were still alive minutes ago before they were being served on the table.


This was the first time I ate oysters cooked with pickled vegetable. It turned out to be very nice as the preserved vegetable elevated the fresh taste of the oysters. Furthermore, the oysters were plumb and juicy.


The boiled cuttlefish was tender and crunchy. The chili dip was the sweet type which went well with the cuttlefish slices.


We also had some fresh oysters served raw. They were very sweet, plumb and juicy.


When we saw the geoducks, we immediately ordered a portion as we have never tasted them before. The chef recommended we had the trunks stir fried in spices and the body portion served raw, so we followed the suggestion. Taste wise, they were just clams with a tougher texture.



I have forgotten what type of fish we ordered but this steamed fish had a very fine texture and mild sweetness.


It was a very fulfilling meal, even more so after a long day of sightseeing and shopping.

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