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Thursday 10 March 2016

Fish Taco

One evening in Hawaii, I ran out of idea where to have my dinner, so I was just wandering around the shopping centres along Kalakaua Avenue. When I was at the food court of the Royal Hawaiian Center, I started to look for food.


The menu at the Maui Tacos looked good, so I started to look for the item I would like to order. I was into fish that evening, so I finally placed an order of the Grilled Fish Taco.


After getting the receipt for the order, I was given a buzzer which I could walk away from the stall to look for a seat while waiting for my food to be ready.


Unexpectedly, the Grilled Fish Taco was top notch! It was so delicious that I visited this place for a second time to have the same food. The fish cubes were grilled to perfection and the nachos added some crunchiness to the palate. It was one of the best food I had on my gastronomic journey, not to mention the free flow of salsas at the help-yourself salsa bar.


Only after the trip that I found out that Maui Tacos are a series of Mexican chain restaurants around the United States of America, and the fish tacos are highly recommended by the patrons of the restaurants.

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