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Monday 8 August 2016

Nadeje Crepe Cake

Nadeje is a café in Melaka specialising in crepe cakes. There are 3 outlets in Melaka and there are another 3 branches in the Klang Valley. Business must be good that drives the fast expansion of the brand.


There are about 18 flavours to choose from the display fridge, but not all flavours are available at all time. It depends on the availability.


The most sort after has got to be the Original.


The Berry Strawberry is for the berry lovers.


For those who love coffee, there is always Café Mocha.


There is Praline Lover for those nuts about nuts.


The Malacca is for those who want cendol in the form of crepe cake.


The Mango Yogurt is also for those who like it in the form of crepe cake.


The Strawberry is for those who like only a single berry in their cake.


During my visit two years ago, we had the Original, Tiramisu and Double Chocolate. The Original flavoured mille crepe had a very creamy custard cream with a great taste of vanilla. The crepe and the custard cream layers provided a concoction of chewiness and smoothness in the mouth. The Tiramisu and Double Chocolate also provided the same sense of indulgence but in different flavours. These were the best mille crepe cakes I have ever had! If you are in Melaka looking for some authentically nice desserts, Nadeje is the place second to none!




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