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Friday 21 September 2007

Jacky Cheung Singing Other Stars' Classics

In one of the segments of the Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour in Malaysia 07, he sang three songs of other stars' classics. I enjoyed this segment very much and would like to share them with you all here. :)

Jacky sings Wakin Chou's (周華健) "Ming Tian Wo Yao Jia Gei Ni" (明天我要嫁給你, I Will Marry You Tomorrow).

I think Jacky's performance of this Stefanie Sun's (孫燕姿) "Tian Hei Hei," or in Hokkien, "Ti Oh Oh" (天黑黑, Cloudy Day), is better than the original singer. What do you think?

This is a song by the "Prince of Love Ballads" Jeff Chang's (張信哲) "Ai Ru Chao Shui" (愛如潮水, Love is Like a Tide). Jacky has controlled the singing of this song very well. I enjoyed it very very much.

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