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Tuesday 18 September 2007

The Things We Did Before Meeting up with Jacky Cheung

14/9/2007 was the day, yes, the day for us to meet up with Jacky Cheung! The concert was 8:30 p.m. though, so we spent the day and afternoon time hunting for food again, hehe!

During brunch time, we were hunting for the famous 'cha siew' (叉燒, barbecue pork) along Jalan Alor (in fact it was along Jalan Tong Shin) but the stall keeper told us that it was not ready. In fact that was the wrong coffee shop we went to. I'll talk about it later.

Having other food in the same coffee shop scanned through, there was nothing interesting, so we walk back to Jalan Alor for the 'ban mian' (板麵, flaked flour noodles) which was good. The stork was sweet and the fried anchovies were extra crunchy.

I ordered another bowl of pork-meat balls (豬肉丸) and fish pastes (魚滑) soup to share with Greg and Nee.

A closer look at a pork-meat ball (豬肉丸) which could bounce in your mouth.

The fish paste (魚滑) would just dissolve in your mouth without much effort of munching.

This is the order of Nee, the fish fillet in vermicelli soup (魚片米粉). I dunno how it taste like though as I didn't dig into her bowl, hehe!

After the food for brunch was digested, we went to hunt for dinner two-and-a-half hours before the concert. We were in Times Square looking for interesting food and saw a fishtail banner of "Uncle Duck." Sounds nice isn't it? But, the photos on the menu look pathetic and we were not into it. Then we spotted a nearby restaurants with many patrons.

The menu items of Hong Kong food culture just made us mouth-watering and we quickly ordered the food by looking at the pictures.

And I just sat patiently for our food to arrive.

This french toast with melted peanut butter on the inside and half-melted butter and extra peanut butter on the outside is just splendid!

Cutting out the french toast with the lava-like peanut butter flowing out is just another appetizing treat.

These are the deep-fried crispy seafood salad rolls. They go very well with the mayonnaise given to us.

The cut-out of a crispy seafood salad roll revealing the stuffing inside.

We ordered one main dish of pork-meat ball spaghetti. I like the sauce with a sweet taste of garlic, but Nee didn't like the strong taste of garlic though.

We had the pork ribs in barbecue sauce as well. This dish is also sweet and the onions balanced the taste of the pork ribs very well.

Our other main course was a fried vermicelli with prawns and dried shrimps, the only dish which tasted on the salty side. We didn't finish it as it was not that nice.

This is one of the best main courses we ordered! The baked-cheese rice in chicken cutlet. The chicken cutlet was just so tender and went well with the cheese taste. The rice was probably fried rice in eggs baked on lotus leaf and under the cheese topping. We finished the whole thing inside the bamboo steam box, without a grain of rice left!

And to pamper my mouth after the food, I had a mango in shaved ice to wash the food down further. There's nothing special about this dessert though.

Greg ordered a red beans in shaved ice and commented that it was not that good too.

After a very satisfying meal, we were smiling all the way to the Monorail station and up we went for Jacky Cheung's concert!


Anonymous said...

woah... good food everywhere..
u guys are having a feast!!

CK Ng said...

Yeah, gotta pamper out mouths and stomachs once in a while, hehe! :-)

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