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Wednesday 12 September 2007

The Magical Fairy Pool (神奇的神仙池)

The Fairy Pool (神仙池) lies along the way from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou (九寨溝). It features the travertine pools which are yellowish in colour with the mountain ranges full of coniferous.

The pools are actually located on top of a mountain ranges, so the tour bus had to swivel through the narrow band of asphalt with all the bends up the snow-covered mountains. This was my first experience with snow, and I was so excited!

I haven't seen snow before this, and I was offered with so much of it for my first time.

We had to pass through the road winding through the terrain to get up there.

Mountain peaks with white snow capping the top is a common scene here.

We started our hike into the nature reserve by passing through some coniferous foliage. It was an easy walk though, on wooden-plank path.

I was quite disappointed by the scene presented to us when our tour guide announced that we've arrived at the destination. It was just some travertine formation with pathetic patches of green.

For I didn't know that the best is yet to come as we walked ascending along the wooden-plank path.

The disappointment was all swept away when we got higher and higher as the scenery got better.

Where else on earth can you find another scene like this?

These logs are gonna rot away and probably you'll see a different scene when you are there next time.

I wish I could have a good dip in these pools, but it was prohibited.

We've finally arrived at the last part of the nature reserve open to tourist. This pool's reflections actually rival the one at the Mirror Lake of Jiuzhaigou.

There was a couple who couldn't follow the hike up the hills due to the husband having knee pain. So, I showed them the photos I took. Soon after they've browse through the photos, they made a pledge to return to the Fairy Pool again to gain back what they've missed during this trip, haha!

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