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Monday 29 October 2007

Jack Johnson – The Man with a Wooden Guitar

I learned about the music of Jack Johnson a couple of years ago and I have been fascinated by most of his songs. Simple composition with simple music arrangement but he never fails to make me feel like singing along with his tunes.

His music is a little bit of pop, a little bit of jazz, a little bit of folk, a little bit of rock and a little bit of reggae. Shall I call this type of music universal? Well, listen for yourself to decide then.

These two songs are from his latest album released in 2006. It is in fact a film soundtrack for Curious George, performed by Jack Johnson and friends.

In Between Dreams released in 2005 is my favourite of the three albums I have. My brother gave me the LP of this album and it is now in my precious collection.

The album On and On was released in 2003. There is more rock element in this album, as compared to the previous two which have more folk element.

If you like pop, folk, jazz or reggae music, I think you'll like Jack Johnson's music. Very highly recommended from me.

My precious collection on Jack Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good stuffs fr Jack Johnson. That's why I'm still listening to Better Together after all these years.

Regarding the previous post, I think I'm gonna bring my FE there and try my luck there.

Ruey said...

jack johnson rocks! nothing like listening to 'in between dreams' on the drive home after a hard day's work in the office.:)

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