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Wednesday 30 April 2008

Roaming Around Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is a poor cousin of Shinjuku as according to the Lonely Planet travel guide. However, I find that it is worth a visit for those Toyota cars on display at Amlux building. Ikebukuro has big shopping arcades too if you wanna avoid the over-crowded departmental stores at Shinjuku.

It is also a nice place to taste all the street food without having to fight for space with other tourists. You just need to queue with the local Japanese people to wait for your turn.

In just about 10 minutes, this arrived on my hand!

You can't really see what's inside as it was covered with loads of toppings. It was actually a takoyaki with corn crisps.

There are more flavours up for you to choose from.

As I walked along the streets, I spotted something crazy. They themselves called it crazy, not me.

Crazy or not, the food is more important. I'm loving those crepes with banana and ice-cream!

Alright, I had enough food to keep me going for the afternoon, so I explored further.

Then I saw something that I am obliged to put up for my good friend! She's a bit worried about me lately and I hope this will give her the relief. Thanks, Nee.

I think LV should advertise with posters of its fans and devotees rather than hiring some models to do it. I know Nee will volunteer!

I explored the streets in drizzle and occasional rain, so the sky was cloudy and groomy. The buildings were however as shining as ever despite the bad weather.

When the brightly-lit signboards were up, I knew that it was time I went home... I mean dormitory room.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks man! next time you should walk into one to those shops and who knows you will meet you dream gal ~ Hi beautiful, you look better than any of the bags here. hahaha....dont come look for me if you get thrown out though.

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