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Friday 16 May 2008

Sushi Galore

Whenever one thinks of Japanese food, I think sushi will always appear on the top 5 of the list. If one hasn't eaten sushi on a trip to Japan, then the trip isn't complete.

There are many sushi buffet restaurants around in Tokyo or other parts of Japan. Most of these restaurants have them on conveyor belt revolving the plates of sushi in front of the patrons. One just have to pick up the sushi of one's choice.

Some restaurants charge by a standard price for eat-all-you-can buffet, but most of them price their sushi by the colour or pattern of the plates served.

However, one of the post-graduate students working in the same laboratory with me told me that eating in these restaurants won't be memorable enough. He recommended me the restaurant nearby our laboratory, so I tried.

There's no doubt that this has got to be the most memorable sushi meal for me. Although the price was a bit steeper at ¥1,600 for the 'Ginza Set' as how it was called, the sushi tasted much nicer than those sushi buffet restaurants. I think when it comes to sushi, you get what you pay for. The quality of the ingredients is just world apart!

Sushi are best taken with a cup of ocha or Japanese green tea, anytime!


Ruey said...

i've a weakness for sushi and sashimi so your pics are making me drool lao shi! :P~

ps. hv requested to add you as an msn contact.

pps. hv a great wkd! we're goin to tondong + wind cave tmrw for eat/photg outing since Mon is a PH here. wish lao shi was joining us lor.

Anonymous said...

Look nice lo. But are these shusi cook before serve?

CK Ng said...

Ruey> Haha! You are making me droolz with the Pekan Tondong kolo me and fried noodles, and also the outing to Wind Cave. I didn't get your invitation on MSN. Maybe you can email me your contact and let me add you on.

Jayce> Most of these were raw fish. They were not cooked.

Borneoboy said...

Hi CK,

All those shshi sure look mouth-watering ! Did you finish all that in one sitting ? Better watch how much you are eating ;>)


CK Ng said...

Hey Bro, didn't know that you have a blog too. I had those sushi in two seatings at different places.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i don't like sushi on the train too. when i was in Tokyo, we'd have sushi on the way home every night after getting off the subway. we also loved those special lunchtime deals in Ginza. But all those became nothing after we ate at Tsukiji Market. You must pay a visit there one maorning (5 am) b4 they ban tourists frm the tuna auction section of Tsukiji. It's an amazing place to wander thru. u can spend a whole day there feasting ur eyes n stomach.

Anonymous said...


在遥远的东南亚也可以感受到寿司师傅的用心。一定很好吃!入口即化? :) 

CK Ng said...

Hi Terri, I have been to the Tsukiji Market as well, but I could only get there after 7 a.m. even by catching the earliest bus from my Uni. Yes, nothing beats the freshness of shusi at Daiwa Sushi, but the price is very steep there. However, I love the feeling of 'melt in your mouth' for the sushi at Daiwa Sushi.

Hi kvct, 这一家寿司店的寿司没有入口即化的感觉,只有筑地市场那儿的寿司才有那种感觉。

haan said...

u r so bad, CK. always make ppl feel hungry at the inappropriate time :)

Anonymous said...

the 'fish-egg' on the sushi is as big as my 'jelly-soil' for my plant!! woah ... did it give u the 'crack-crack' sound when u eat it?

CK Ng said...

Haan> Making you hungry makes your appetite better, didn't it? :p

Sum1> The fish roe had the popping effect in my mouth, of course! :D

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