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Monday 9 June 2008

From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Observatories

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office has two observatories in one of the towers. Both observatories are free for visitors at any time. What you need is just some time to wait for the elevator ride to the 45th floor.

Since it is free, I was up there two times. If it is not free like at the Tokyo Tower, then I wouldn't be there for the second time.

These observatories offer very spectacular view of the Shinjuku area. On a clear day, Mount Fuji can be seen from one of the observatories as well.

When I was there for the second time, the sun was about to set, so I waited for that golden hour. I stayed until night fall as well.


Ruey said...

wow, fantastic pics lao shi. how did you manage the streaks of light in the 2 pics? longer exposure?

SandyCarlson said...

You are a genius, a genius with a great eye.

Anonymous said...

Wow all the pics are stunning! When did you start using the camera? 2 weeks after you learned how to walk :D

CK Ng said...

Hi Ruey, the effect of streaks of light was achieved using a technique called 'zoom effect'. It is easier to do on long exposure shots. In this case, my shots were having exposure time of about 10s. So, for the last 4~5s of exposure time or so, I turned the zoom ring slowly. For instance, if you use the 18mm end of your lens, turn the zoom ring slowly and steadily w/o shaking the camera to the 55mm end for the last 4~5s of exposure time.

Hi Sandy, thanks very much for you kind compliments. :)

Alo JuiceMag, I started learning photography when I was inside my mother's womb. Haha! :D

Ruey said...

Tks for the lesson CK. It will be my nx experiment!:)

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