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Sunday 31 August 2008

I Poisoned Myself

Who on earth will try to swallow some poisonous food? The Japanese do! Fugu, or puffer fish, is one of the delicacies in Japan.

The fish is poisonous, so it has to be prepared by a licensed chef. However, the chef will intentionally leave a bit of the poisonous stuff on the knife for slicing the fish, just to thrill the guests.

Since I am in Japan, I went out hunting for a restaurant serving fugu with two Thai friends today and we found this restaurant at Omiya.


There were actually living fugu in the aquarium at the entrance! We knew that we were at the right place.


After we had settled ourselves down, we started to decide what to order. Since the menu was in Japanese, it took a bit of time for me to understand the items.


The first thing that came before we put down our order was this fugu salad. It was a mixture of fugu skin and belly with spring onion and red wasabi. It tasted quite nice.


Then came the highlight of our self-poisoning adventure, the fugu sashimi! The fish itself has actually not much taste, but the fish meat was a quite a fair bit tougher than normal fish, more like jellyfish. After eating this, all our tongues turned a bit numb due to the poison.


We also tried the deep-fried fugu and it tasted quite nice. The fish meat was silky smooth. This came with the fish bone, so it must be the central part of the fish.



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

"Boo pa se ah??" so i guess it's not d taste but more d thrill & dare in eating fugu? how much was d meal?

CK Ng said...

Haha! In fact one of my Thai friends freaked out and didn't touch the fugu sashimi and the deep-fried ones. However, he ate the salad by thinking that that was some sort of pork skin.

You are right, it's more for the thrill rather than taste. Meguro is much better, anytime!

The fugu salad was ¥500 each, the fugu sashimi was ¥1,480, and the deep-fied fugu was ¥1,380, so the total damage for three of us was ¥4,360.

Anonymous said...

numb?? hmm... The puffer fish looks different from the ones usually see around here :)mebe we can talk Nee into looking how to prepare this here...

Anonymous said...

what?? u fugu-ISED yourself???
*are you okay? need to rush u to hospital or something???*

read some where, some tourist guide, lonely planet if not mistaken.. some japanese actually enjoy eating fugu where they pass out for a few days and continue enjoy eating it for the sake of passing out.. !! odd tradition but sounds cool.. as long as they stay alive..

CK Ng said...

derbe:> Only a licensed chef can serve this in a restaurant. I won't dare to try from a chef without a license. Haha! :D

kvct:> I haven't come across reading about people passing out due to fugu. I don't think I'm going back for it as it tasted just like jellyfish to me.

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