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Friday 5 September 2008

Lotteria no Chizu Baga

Lotteria is another Japanese chain of fast-food restaurants similar to Mos Burger. It was established in 1972 following McDonald's and it has expanded to cover Korea, Taiwan, China and Vietnam since then.



The most popular item here is probably something that is called "ZEPPIN" Chi-zu Ba-ga (Ultimate Cheese Burger) as it was advertised with loads of posters at every Lotteria restaurant.


So, this was the first thing I tried at Lotteria. It was really good in taste but not in size. I couldn't fill myself up with only one "ZEPPIN" Chi-zu Ba-ga.


On a separate visit, I ordered something called To-ma-to Tan-do-ri Chi-kin San-do (Tomato Tandoori Chicken Wrap).


This was also very nice, but it was only offered for a limited period of time. The tomato was very juicy and the tandoori chicken tasted like charcoal-grilled.


Knowing that I couldn't fill myself up with only one item at Lotteria, I made another order of the "ZEPPIN" Chi-zu Ba-ga.


This time, the "ZEPPIN" Chi-zu Ba-ga came with double shot of beef patties. This was also a limited edition as a regular one comes with only one beef patty.


A meal with burgers is always not complete with some Fu-ren-chi Fu-rai Po-te-to (Potato French Fries).


My friend ordered a shaved ice with mango syrup in milk shake but I do not fancy that. I prefer to gobble up my burgers and French fries with some O-ron Cha (Chinese tea).


The burgers at Lotteria beat the ones at McDonald's hands down, in terms of the beef patty quality! However, the burger size is too small to my standard. In terms of a balance in taste, Mos Burger is the best among the three.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

I crave for burger....

s@m巧彦 said...

the bun looks crispy and the filling looks juicy :D

BerN said...

The Burger look yummy. Is it as big as Carl's Junior's?

CK Ng said...

WoMbOk:> Have you fulfilled your cravings these few days? :D

sam:> Yes! Excatly as you have described! :D

BerN:> Burgers in Japan are pathetically small! The burgers heer are mostly 7~8cm in diameter.

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