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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Mosu Baga no Aisu Kohi

Mos Burger is a chain of fast-food restaurant with the home base in Japan. In Japan, it is pronounced as Mo-su Ba-ga.

"Japanese Fine Burger & Coffee."

The first time I tasted a burger at Mos Burger was more than ten years ago in Singapore. I fell in love with Mos Burger with my first bite and I always went back for more. However, I did not have a chance to go to Mos Burger after I left Singapore.

The original Mo-su Ba-ga.

I found the burgers at Mo-su Ba-ga better than those American chains in term of overall taste and meat quality. However, the burgers are pathetically small at Mo-su Ba-ga, so I normally need to have two burgers for a proper meal.

This is a Su-pai-shi Mo-su Ba-ga (Spicy Mos Burger).

Since Mo-su Ba-ga claims to serve fine coffee, I savour my burgers with a glass of iced coffee. However, I need to mention ai-su ko-hi when I make my order. Sometimes I do quench my thirst with a glass of O-ron cha (Chinese tea) too.

Mo-su Ba-ga no ai-su ko-hi.

Mo-su Ba-ga no o-ron cha.

A burger meal is usually not complete with some French fries. In Japanese Mo-su Ba-ga, they are called Fu-ren-chi Fu-rai Po-te-to.

The fat and juicy Fu-ren-chi Fu-rai Po-te-to.

O-ni Po-te stands for Fu-ren-chi Fu-rai Po-te-to & O-ni-on Fu-rai (potato French fries & onion rings).

My favourite at Mos Burger has got to be those rice burgers. There are three types, but I have just tasted two of them. They are the Mo-su Rai-su Ba-ga with Ka-ru-bi Ya-ki-ni-ku (pan-fried beef-rib meat) and Mo-su Rai-su Ba-ga with Kai-sen Ka-ki-a-ge (seafood fritter).

Mo-su Rai-su Ba-ga with Ka-ru-bi Ya-ki-ni-ku.

Mo-su Rai-su Ba-ga with Kai-sen Ka-ki-a-ge.

Sometimes, Mos Burger does provide some special items on the menu for a limited period of time.

Hot-to Chi-kin Ba-ga (Hot Chicken Burger).

Mo-su no To-ru-ti-ya Ta-ko-su (Mos' Tortilla Tacos).

A closer look at the Mo-su no To-ru-ti-ya Ta-ko-su.

If you haven't seen enough of the Mos Burger food, here's the complete menu, though a bit small.

Mo-su Ba-ga Me-nyu (Mos Burger Menu).

How I wish Mos Burger will increase the size of serving. The best will be the size as shown in the photo below.

Su-pa Me-ga Hot-to Chi-kin Ba-ga (Super Mega Hot Chicken Burger), my own creation!


Tink *~*~* said...

The first burger pictured looks like it has chili on top???? We don't have this fast food chain here in the US - at least, not that I am aware of.

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Borneoboy said...

Hi Bro. Those rice burgers look really good. Can u tapau for me ???

Anonymous said...

wooo! hungry liao. those burgers look sooo goood!

CK Ng said...

Tink> The burger in the first pic isn't chili topped. It's the original Mos Burger. The burger in the second pic is chili topped called the Spicy Mos Burger.

Borneoboy> Hey bro, by the time I reach Kuching, they may well become rice and meat mix.

Derbe> They're indeed the best burgers!

Anonymous said...

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

we love mos burger too! super fresh n juicy!

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