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Friday 8 August 2008

CK Went to Outer Space

Tomorrowland of Tokyo Disneyland consists of a series of outer space rides. I was quite surprised to see the Star Tours developed by Disney together with George Lucas. So, without a doubt, I embarked on the Ultimate Star Wars Adventure as claimed.


When I started to walk through the walkway, I had a very peculiar feeling because I thought the Ultimate Star Wars Adventure has got to be better then just seeing the mock-ups of the Star Wars scenes. I was a little disappointed at that moment.



However, my disappointment was all gone and I was full of enthusiasm again when I entered the docking day of the spacecrafts. I was all ready for an outer space tour!


I entered the spacecraft with full of excitement and expectation of what was being offered. Well, Disney and George Lucas didn't fail to excite me with this one! It was one of the best recreational rides I have ridden so far. I am still wondering how they created the acceleration and somersaults feeling during the ride, but when I was on it, I forgot everything about the science part. It was just pure excitement. It was too dark and too dangerous to shoot photos during the ride, so I just have to leave that part to your imagination. Trust me, it is one of the best rides in Tokyo Disneyland. Don't miss it when you are there yourself.


When I came out of the Tomorrowland exit, it was just a restaurant area with an outer space theme.


I tried to go on the Space Mountain ride as my friend told me it was good, but I couldn't enter because it was under restoration and upgrading.


The rocket ride didn't look too interesting to me, so I decided to skip that.



Tink *~*~* said...

I am enjoying your photos of Tokyo Disneyland! I think I need to plan an Adventure there. I've been to the Disney parks in California, Orlando and Paris but there are still Hong Kong and Tokyo for me to see. And did you hear? They might build one in Shanghai!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Anonymous said...

Lao tze brought back any moon rocks as souvenir? : )

Anonymous said...

Ha, until I saw the Tokyo part, I thought, "I've been there," (to the one in CA!). Although yours looks more fun!

I hope you'll come join me for brand new Pet Peeve Tuesdays!

Anonymous said...

Hello, dropping by and hope you are okay. Drop at us anytime you are available. You can also check informantion about the 2008 Beijing Olympics Results and Winners there. See you ;0

Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot believe how close they are to the US ones! Neat!

CK Ng said...

Tink> Yes, I have heard that there's plan for one in Shanghai. Thanks for your kind words. :)

Derbe> I brought back a 3-tonne meteour rock!

MommyWizdom> I hope I can also visit the one in CA one day. :)

chelle> Probably they just use the same scripts for every Disney theme park! :D

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