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Monday, 4 August 2008

Be a Guest of Minnie

Other than Mickey's house, there are some other houses of the Disney characters, of which Minnie's house is just second to Mickey's house in popularity.


I didn't have to queue for entering Minnie's house. It wasn't as crowded as Mickey's house. Probably everybody knew that Minnie wasn't around to greet the visitors.


Everything is in pink or purple on the exterior of Minnie's house. Minnie is not unlike any other girl anyway.


In Disneyland, everything is just so cartoon-ish. They paid attention to every detail, windows included.


There is a wishing well in the courtyard. I saw many teenage girls throwing coins into it to make wishes. I think they were just wishing to find their love ones.


Minnie's house has a smaller sitting room as compared to Mickey's house. Nevertheless, it is not less comfortable.


Minnie's bed is purple in colour. I think it is every teenage girl's dream to have bedroom like this.


The kitchen cum dining room is at the end of the house. I could play with the dishwasher, the oven and the tea set on that dining table.


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