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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Meeting Mickey

When I was in my childhood, I was always very fascinated by the TV programme called 'The Mickey Mouse Club'. I can still remember clearly the tune of the theme song when all the club members were singing: "M-I-C~ K-E-Y~ M-O-U-S-E!"

Although Mickey is just a fictitious character created by Mr. Disney, it has accompanied millions of children through their childhood, me included. It is probably the most popular cartoon (some may insist it as animation) character ever.

In Tokyo Disneyland, I was surprised to find Mickey's house. I have never thought that Mickey is living in Japan and speaks Japanese.


I was not able to get into Mickey's house using the front door as there were many others who would like to meet Mickey. That made me feels like going to the Agong's (The King of Malaysia) open house during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. I was ushered to the side door entering the front courtyard and wait in the queue.


After 45 minutes of queueing, I finally made my way through the foyer of Mickey's house.


Mickey was nowhere in sight. I was here to meet Mickey! What is an open house without the host? I felt a little cheated for having to queue for 45 minutes.


I went deeper into Mickey's house trying to look for him. He must be there somewhere!


Before I knew it, I had entered the backyard and there was still no sight of Mickey! Hey Mickey, where are you?


Mickey's movie barn? Hey, maybe Mickey was doing some movie production there! So I entered.


Instead of seeing Mickey, I met with his chickens! I wasn't here to meet with the chickens!


When I was about to open the tools cabinet to get some stuff for preparing barbecue chicken, I heard a call from the usher that Mickey was ready to meet with me! Lucky for those chickens.


O-hai-yo go-zai-ma-su, wa-ta-shi wa Mik-ki Mau-su de-su!



IguanaKia said...

CK, searching for childhood's life?
Lucky you, with economy like this still can manage to go around countries.

しゃしん とっても いいですか? said...


Did u meet ”ドナルダック?”
”(DoーnaーruーDukーku)”= ”Donald Duck”

sam said...

you are so lucky!!!
i wanna meet Mickey Mouse too!

ps: i like your tee-shirt =)

Michelle said...

I love Mickey. How neat that you got to see his house. Disney world is a fun place to visit. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

haan said...

aiyo, the last pic is like going back to childhood :)

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Love the Calvin shirt sifu!

sum1 said...

lucky for those chicken! haha. that was funny.

CK-II said...

Iguanakia> I'm in Japan for a research fellowship, so I'm considered at work too. :)

しゃしん とっても いいですか?> ドナルド ダック を 見ませんでした。 でも、写真を撮ってもいいですよ。 (Do-na-ru-do Dak-ku wo mi-ma-sen-de-shi-ta. De-mo, shya-shin-mo-tot-te-mo-i-de-su-yo.)

sam & WoMbOk> Haha! I think my T-shirt grabs as much attention as Mickey does.

Michelle & haan> Everybody is a child in Disneyland. :)

sum1> I still had barbecue chicken after meeting Mickey! Haha! :D

Babies Etc. said...

Great shots. It makes one feel like they are there.
Thanks for stopping by the

MiLeTTe said...


you're so lucky. mickey has been my all time and now my daughter loves him too.

nice shots!

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