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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Gypsy Queen Live at Natsu Sacas Asian Beat Night

Last Sunday night, I received a personal email from Shinon, the lead singer of Gypsy Queen. I knew Shinon through the VYSA Singing Competition where she performed as a guest singer for the event, together with the Gypsy Queen group, of course.


I felt so honoured that a J-pop group's lead singer sent me a personalised email inviting me to their concert, so I felt obliged to attend, as I have never been invited by any singer or group personally. She even gave me the photo credit in her blog post about this event, with a link to my blog!


The event was called '夏 Sacas アジアンビート Night', or in Japanese English 'Na-tsu Sa-ka-su A-ji-an Bi-to Nai-to', or in English, 'Natsu Sacas Asian Beat Night', organised by the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) TV station. Natsu is the Japanese word for summer, and Sacas is just the specific name of the venue.


This event was held on Monday, August 11th, 2008. Therefore, I had to rush for the bus and connecting train after work as I didn't want to be late. However, I was still late for about 15 minutes. Fortunately, I didn't miss any singing part as the introduction of the group was still on-going when I arrived.


She sang in many languages that night, including Japanese, Vietnamese, Lao, Tibetan, and even Chinese. She sang two Chinese songs which I am very familiar with, 康定情歌 and 但愿人長久. It was really a great night out for me with a Vietnamese friend Lam. After watching and shooting photos at the live concert, we went to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant for dinner, where I had Pho Ga (rice noodles in chicken soup) for the first time.


kvct said...

hey great shot!
i didnt realise u've got 'something' for event photography!! :)

Harmony said...

Looks like a fun show!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i'm enjoying ur life thru ur pictures!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Sifu! You have become the group's official photographer ! Keke.

The Urban Buddha said...

Looks like an amazing show. Your pics really caught the moment. Can almost hear the music.. ;) Happy weekend!

CK-II said...

kvct> Thanks. I have interest in many types of photography.

Harmony> Yes, it sure was fun, but too short. It was just about 80 minutes all together.

Terri> I'm happy to hear that you can experience my life through my pictures. That's exactly what I want my pictures to do! Thanks.

WoMbOk> How I wish they will engage me to be their official photographer! I will have the chance to tour around Asia with them by then! Hehe!

The Urban Buddha> It was really a great show. Thanks very much for your kind compliments. :)

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