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Thursday 21 August 2008

The Ultimate State of Ramen

I frequented Tsukiya Ramen because it is just a short walk from the university. Furthermore, it has the best ramen that I have ever tasted so far.

I was normally ushered to the seats at the back of the shop when I went there alone, as there is a long bench there that accommodates 6 single persons. When I went there with some friends, I could only have the chance to take the seat facing the kitchen.

The big plague above the dispensing counter says: "one cup into the soul," by my direct translation. It probably means the taste of the soup here. I totally agree!


Have I mentioned that the noodles are freshly made everyday? If not, this is the noodle-making room.


The shop owner probably has a heart for retro Japanese thingy. Therefore, you can see old posters and antique pots on the walls and around some corners of the shop.


As I am picking up more and more Japanese words, I can understand the menu better. In Japanese ramen, there are basically four soup bases, namely: tonkotsu (pork-bone), sakana dashi (fish), miso and shoyu (soy sauce).

I love the one with W Su-pu (soup). Are you wondering what that is? As W is pronounced as daburu which is also a phonetic for 'double' in Japanese, the W here means a mix of tonkotsu and sakana dashi.


At the back of the colourful menu shows the history and origin of the shop and the explanation on tonkotsu and sakana dashi. There is also an introduction of the extra yummy toro nikku (belly meat) that has the melt-in-your-mouth texture!


One day, two Thai friends and I went to this shop again but we had run out of idea of what to order. So, we decided to try the most expensive item found on the menu called Tenko Mori, and this bowl of ramen with overflowing toro nikku appeared in front of me!


If one bowl is not enough to feast your eyes, how about three? All three of us wanted to test our limit of ramen intake that day!


What can I say? One bowl of this Tenko Mori could make me feel like exploding! However, I had to finish the whole bowl for this memorial shot.


How much is it? Each bowl is ¥1,380! I would say that this bowl of ramen is enough to feed two persons with normal appetite.


If you are still not satisfied with one bowl of Tenko Mori, there are always some other side orders, like this bowl of Chya-syu Me-shi (rice with chopped chasu/barbeque pork).



Anonymous said...

Those shots are amazing. I am completely fascinated with these types of cultures. Keep sharing the good stuff!

Kat said...

That looks so yummy!

maryt/theteach said...

Ck, I love ramen noodles! That last meal in a bowl looks de-lish! :)

Anonymous said...


by the time i finally FIND TIME to make it to japan, i think u would have left. sob sob..

btw, japanese do like the green green onion dun they??!!

Anonymous said...

Since it's lunchtime here, and I absolutely love ramen, my mouth is watering!

Thanks for sharing all your amazing photos!

Unknown said...

Some of those look really good! I love the receipt. :) And that spinach/seaweed stuff in the last photo, I have tried that before. :)

Laura Brown said...

I never thought to document a visit to a favourite/ good restaurant like this. You (I) get used to having things be the same all the time and just forget it might not be the same for everyone else.

Borneoboy said...

Hi Bro. That's an expensive ramen ! U can get 2 bowls in Kuching. May not be as good though.

CK Ng said...

Angela Moore:> Thanks very much for your kind compliments. :) I'll keep on sharing my experience in Japan.

Kathryn:> It was very yummy, indeed!

the teach:> We share the same type of taste bud, haha! :D

kvct:> Japan is just a six hour flight away!

Christine:> Thanks for your kind compliments. :) I hope you already have something to overcome your craving by now. :)

lisachaos:> The black rectangle sheet is nori, Japanese seaweed.

Laura:> I have never thought of that before I started blogging. Now, I am documenting almost everything about my travelling and food here. :)

Hey Bro a.k.a Borneoboy:> I think it'll cost almost as much in Kuching if they use so much of high quality ingredients. Unfortunately, we can't find ramen of such standard in Kuching.

edjusted said...

I love the looks of the place, not to mention that ramen. Great pics! So I take it everyone enjoyed it?

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