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Friday, 12 December 2008

Drinking the Japanese Way

When I was in Japan, I had plenty of choices of drinks to choose from. However, I am a coffee lover and therefore the Roots Plain Latte was often my choice after lunch. Mind you, this can of latte can be very addictive!


I occasionally opted for the black coffee but I liked the latte the most.



The Georgia Cafe Au Lait was also quite good too, but it couldn't beat the Roots Plain Latte.


One day, I ordered a set lunch from the canteen and I got a pack of drinks free-of-charge. It looked like a pack of milk but it actually tasted like some fruit yogurt drinks.


Tea is the main beverages of the Japanese. So, you can always find several types of them in just one vending machine.


There are plenty of carbonated drinks available too but these were the ones I avoided most of the time, unless I seriously needed a refreshment.



1 comment:

lina said...

our most drank bottled water (is it water?) while in Japan was Aquarius. Son loves Qoo. :-)

Awesome shots of those cans. :D

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