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Monday, 12 January 2009

A Friendship Broken by a Relationship

Yesterday, I went for a photo outing with a group of photography enthusiasts and three models. Our initial plan was to have the theme of 'Fairytale' photo shoot at Santubong beach but it was raining cats and dogs for the whole day. That forced us to change to plan B, so we went to the Sarawak State Library for the photo shoot. I really appreciate the sacrifice of the models for soaking themselves under the pouring rain and cold wind.

I'm trying to put up the photos in a series to tell a story, and I hope it works.

Here it goes...

A long long time ago in a land far far away (it sounds so typical :D), there were three good friends living happily together.

One day, one of the guys expressed his feelings for the girl.

But the girl chose the other guy.

Finally, the friendship was broken by the relationship.

The End.


Pretty Life Online said...

Great shots!!!! The camera can photograph thought. Hope you can visit my corner too..

Marlene Lo said...

simple and direct story :)

Mojo said...

Sounds like about 75% of all the movies to ever come out of Bollywood! Except in the end, the first guy would wind up with the girl and the second guy would help him win her.

Great shots as always, and obviously models very dedicated to their work!

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