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Saturday, 10 January 2009

PhotoBorneo Member Gathering at Kado Cafe

Last night, PhotoBorneo had another gathering at Kado Cafe around Padungan to discuss about the details for our model shoot which is scheduled on Sunday. It was again a big turn-out for the local on-line photography community. Everybody was having fun playing with toys, talking not only about photography but from the sea to the sky.

These are the 'official' models for our upcoming model shoot:

These are the 'professional' photographers who are going to do the model shoot on Sunday:

These are the people joining in for the fun of chit-chatting:

I will also be joining the model shoot on Sunday. This will be my first official model shoot in Kuching. I hope I can come back with many satisfactory shots and I'll definitely share them over here. So, please stay tuned!

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Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

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