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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kamakura: Getting Around

When I visited Kamakura, I started with the two sites which are very near to Hase Station; Daibutsu and Hase-dera. Then I headed back to the station to get back to Kamakura town centre again to visit the other places of interest.


Hase Station itself is one of the places of interest in my opinion. It has got the style of an old train station in the 50s' or 60s'.



The Enoden Railway runs from Kamakura Station to Enoshima and Fujisawa. Hase Station is just three stations away from Kamakura Station.


Enoden is a street-car like train with small capacity. It can get very crowded during peak seasons.


The ride from Hase Station to the terminal station at Kamakura takes about only 5 minutes. The train will leave for Fujisawa or Enoshima again immediately.


Unlike the simplistic Hase Station, Kamakura Station has more commercial activities.


I was only able to purchase the day ticket for all the modes of public transport in Kamakura after I have returned from Hase as the ticket counter was still closed when I was there earlier. If not, I could have used this for my round trip to Hase as well.

With this ticket, I proceeded with my exploration of Kamakura without having to pay extra for transportation again.



Mojo said...

I really love all the lines and angles in the second shot. It rocks!

Rey said...

Nice Place and Very Clean Kamakura Station..

It is so high tech...Thubs up!!..

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Angel said...

The train station looks nice just in the photos. They are exactly like what i have seen in the movies. Really nice.

CK Ng said...

Hi Mojo, Rey and Angel, thanks very much for all your kind compliments. I myself like this retro-style train station very much. It was like traveling back to the 60s or 70s. :)

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