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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back to Tarot Salmon

I was very impressed by the food quality at Tarot Salmon during my first visit, so my friend and I decided to dine in this new Japanese restaurant down town again recently.

The menu

We wanted to try some new dishes, so we ordered a Chukka Idako (baby octopus) as our appetiser.

Chukka Idako (RM6.90)

We also had temaki hand rolls instead of the nigiri sushi for a change. My friend had the Ebiko Temaki (shrimp roe hand roll) and I had the Tobiko Temaki (flying-fish roe hand roll).

Left: Ebiko Temaki (RM6.90). Right: Tobiko Temaki (RM7.90)

Close up of the Tobiko Temaki

Being at Tarot Salmon, there is no excuse for not ordering salmon. Therefore, we had the Sashimi Mori Toro, a mixture of salmon, red tuna and octopus. There was no white tuna being served, so it was replaced with salmon. That explains the extra salmon slices on the plate.

Sashimi Mori Toro (RM29.90)

The Agedashi Dofu (deep-fried beancurd in dashi sauce) looked nice on the menu, so we ordered one. It was indeed as good as it looks.

Agedashi Dofu (RM6.90)

We loved the Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) during our first visit, so we didn't miss it out during our second time. The taste was still the same - excellent!

Okonomiyaki (RM11.90)

Close up of the Okonomiyaki


Anonymous said...

Do you have its contact number?

CK Ng said...

The contact No. is +60-82-424837.

elly said...

Me and Tay went there for bday celebration,sadly they told us no salmon on that day. Thus we walked out disappointedly. Just not our day!

elly said...

me and tay went there for bday celebration. but sadly they told us no Salmon for that day. with the name as Salmon Tarot, i expect them to hv sufficient stock. hmmm.. just not our day.

CK Ng said...

What a bad day at Tarot Salmon, Elly. Next time, call prior to your visit. :)

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