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Saturday 16 April 2011

Fulfilling the Pizza Craving

There are not that many places in Kuching for authentic Italian food. However, there is one that is right in the heart of the city called Ristorante Beccari. It is one of the restaurants of the Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites.

The reason we were there was to ease my friend's craving for pizza. As a result, we had an all-pizza lunch. Ristorante Beccari emphasises that all the pizzas are baked in the wood-fired oven, thus adding the authenticity.

The first that came out was the Quattro Formaggi (RM34.00++, regular). It has four types of cheese but the cheesiness was just fine. It didn't taste greasy at all. We loved this one so much!

Our second pizza was Siciliana (RM27.00++, regular). The topping contains anchovies, capsicum and eggplants. We liked this one too.

The crust of the pizzas here is the thin type which is very crispy and crunchy. I prefer this type to those with thick crust that tastes more like bread.

To cap it all off, we ordered our coffee from Seattle Coffee just outside the restaurant, for the sack of satisfying our gastronomic journey further. I had a cappuccino (RM9.50++) whereas my lunch partner preferred a latte (RM9.50++).


Brady Stump said...

Keep up the good writing!

Ping said...

Thanks for the photos...and the pricing..I've been longing to go to that place for told by my friend, the pizza's super goood.....

CK Ng said...

Ping:> The pizzas here are really nice. Pizzas from a wood-fire oven beat pizzas from an electric or gas oven anytime!

Gerald Lim said...

I've been meaning to go there for a while already. Looks like its really time to make the trip!

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