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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Prague Castle: Golden Lane

There is a very picturesque street along the northern wall of Prague Castle called the Golden Lane. The cottages along this cobbled-stone street were built for the sharpshooters of the castle guard.

These tiny cottages were later taken over by goldsmiths.

Years later, they were occupied by squatters.

And then some artists moved in, including the celebrated writer Franz Kafka who stayed with his sister at No. 22 from 1916 to 1917.

These cottages are now converted into souvenir shops and museum. Some of the displays resemble a pottery workshop, a chemistry lab or just a simple bedroom.

The upper floor is a long corridor with display of ancient armoury and there is a section where a visitor can play archery.

A toilet that was used by the sharpshooters is open to the public but for your eyes only. Do not try to use it!

Seeing this armoury raised this question in my mind: "Was Magneto a Czech warrior?"

There are many armoury on display but I only took photos of those which I think is interesting. Some of them must have belonged to kings and parrot wannabe.

This helmet cum face guard can be a good emoticon for grumpy face.

There are some heavy weapons on display at one end of Golden Lane. I have a heart for the catapult, as I like to play Angry Birds.

At the other end of the Golden Lane, there is something lighter. A type of Czech traditional pastry called Trdelník was made on the spot and the products were for sale.

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